MOVE IT! by bike

Moving The World To A Greener Future

MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

Gone With The Wind

I set out early to get to 1461 Cotton Street in Metairie for it was a long bike ride.  Upon arrival I called our client and discovered that I had heard the address incorrectly, it was 1461 Caton Street in New Orleans.  So I quickly peddled to the correct address.  The wind was blowing hard that day but was in my favor going this direction so I sailed on over.  Our client helped load the armoire into the trailer and left to await my arrival at her home.  After securing the load I was off to the client's house.  This time the wind was against me and the going was tough and slow.  So slow in fact that the client called me to ask if everything was ok.  (No doubt worried that I had gotten the address wrong again.) Though the progress was slow the armoire arrived to the clients house and with the help of the client was brought into her house and put into place.  Between being late for both arrival and wind delayed for the delivery I allowed the client to pay what she thought was fair and paid me $60.00.  On the way home the trailer was flipped on it's side in the wind.  So I removed the banners to lower the wind resistance and made it home safe.

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MOVE IT! by bike