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MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  


Vanessa P.

Furniture Assembly

Tim arrived on time (actually a few minutes early!) and was ready to get to work. In his response to my initial request, he actually had the foresight to ask if I had links to the furniture I wanted assembled so that he could be prepared with requisite tools - and prepared he was. He was pleasant, finished in a timely manner, and even helped to clear boxes and packaging for us. I would [will] request his support for any future help, and have, as well, already referred him to someone else.

Back To Austin

MOVE IT! by bike was hired to load a 15 foot U-Haul truck with the contents of a one bedroom apartment.  Our clients were giving up their place because they no longer spend as much work related time in New Orleans as they did in the past.  So renting an apartment is not justified and will stay in hotels when here on business.  So in three hours the truck was carefully and securely packed.  The total bill was $240.00 and a very generous tip was included for our talented movers.

Over The Fence

MOVE IT! by bike was contacted to move a couch from the front room in a house to the back room on the second floor.  Trouble was the couch was large and the only path was a narrow walkway at the side of the house.  On one side of the walkway was the house on the other a 6 foot high fence.  After taking the legs off to make the couch a bit smaller, the couch was carefully rewrapped for protection.  To make it through the narrow walkway a part of the couch had to be lifted and carried above the fence.  Dave and Romel took a breather after making it down the long narrow walkway after holding the couch up over their heads for so long.  After a short breather the couch was transported upstairs and placed where the client wished.  The job took less than an hour but our minimum billing is for one hour so the charge was $80.00.  A tip was also added for our movers for a job well done.

The Assembly

A bed frame, a dining set, a book shelf and an entertainment center was in need of assembly and MOVE IT! by bike was hired to put them all together.  After helping the client move some things in from her car we got to work.  Tim was there just to assist as his broken elbow is still healing.  Freddy was the main assembler.  First to be assembled was the bed and the mattress was also placed on and allowed to expand.  Then the dining set followed by the book shelf followed by the entertainment center.  All took four hours and our client was billed $120.  She added a very nice tip on top of that for a job well done.

The Wedding

MOVE IT! by bike was hired to move the chairs and benches from a wedding ceremony in Audubon Park to the reception area just a block away. Our movers arrived very early and were able to witness the entire ceremony.  Then during the time the wedding party was second lining we moved first the chairs and then the benches to the reception area.  We had 4 movers working for one hour and our client was billed $160.00.

Beds Over Balcony

In the evening on October 29 MOVE IT! by bike was requested to help move the large furnishings from a second and third floor apartment from the Quarter to two different locations in the Garden District on the morning of October 30.  Tim quickly put a crew together and arrived with two of our trailers and two movers the next day as requested.  The challenge of this move was that the bedrooms were on the third floor via a spiral staircase; to small, twisted and narrow to fit the queen sized mattresses.  But we could lower them over the third floor balcony onto a second floor balcony, and so that is what we did.  With the help of our clients vehicles and a pick up truck everything was loaded, moved to the two locations, unloaded and moved in.  The whole move took 3 hours and 45 minutes and our clients were billed $300.  A very nice tip was given to our movers for a tough job done well.

Lowering box spring from third floor balcony

Lowering box spring from third floor balcony

Our trailers being loaded; out of the way of traffic with plenty of room on sidewalk for pedestrians. 

Our trailers being loaded; out of the way of traffic with plenty of room on sidewalk for pedestrians. 

The Devil is in the Details

Our client told us she needed to move a couch, a queen bed, a hope chest, an entertainment center to her new apartment and then a washer and a dryer to a storage place a couple of blocks from her new apartment.  MOVE IT! by bike agreed to send two movers and two trailers and thought that would be enough to move it all in two trips in two hours.  When we arrived we saw that the stairs and the large size of the furnishings would cause some time delays.  The couch turned out to be an L shaped sofa which is really two sofas from a movers point of view.  All the pieces were large and heavy and had to be taken down the narrow twisted steps.  But we did it all in two trips and took 3 hours and 45 minutes.  The bill would have been $300 almost double the $160 we gave as an estimate.  So we agreed to take $50 off and asked only for $250.  Our movers were paid for the full time they worked.

Stats just wide enough.  Moving blanket put on railings to protect them and the appliances

Stats just wide enough.  Moving blanket put on railings to protect them and the appliances

Moving to the CBD

MOVE IT! by bike was contacted through Thumbtack to move a queen sized bed and a few other things two days before they needed to be moved.  A crew was put together and arrived at the arranged time.  The apartment was at the back of the house with access to the street via the space between the house and the fence.  Soon the trailers were loaded and moved from the 1000 block of Esplanade Ave to 210 Baronne Street in the CBD, a distance of 3km.  The freight elevator was given to us to use and the trailers were unloaded and the elevator loaded.  At the proper floor the items were unloaded and placed in the apartment where our client wanted them.  This move took an hour and 15 minutes and our client was billed $100.

MOVING IT! into the CBD

MOVING IT! into the CBD

No parking space needed.  Enough room for all.

No parking space needed.  Enough room for all.

Drill Baby Drill

Our client wanted help in assembling a table and an entertainment center.  Tim showed up at the appointed time and helped move the heavy boxes from the client's car into her apartment.  There we unboxed the entertainment center and worked together to put it together.  All was going well when it was realized that one of the parts did not have enough holes drilled into it.  Fortunately Tim had a drill and a bit the right size to make the holes needed.  The place for the holes were carefully marked and the holes drilled.  But the holes were to shallow so drilled them a bit deeper and that did the trick.  The Entertainment center was assembled completely and put into place and the TV placed on it.  The table was assembled with very little trouble and in very little time and also put into place.  All took 2 hours for a bill of $60.  Tim was very fortunate in that going to the job and coming back he was not rained on from Harvey.  Tim travels every where by bicycle.

Chifforobe and Two Dressers

MOVE IT! by bike was asked to move a chifforobe and two dressers from the 1500 block of Prytania Street to the 800 block of Louque Place.  Each was removed from a different apartment in the same building.  The chifforobe was the largest and also was on the second floor and had to be maneuvered down narrow and twisted steps.  But all the pieces were moved out and loaded and secured on two trailers and peddled 5.3 miles to their new location.  There they were unloaded and put into place where the resident instructed.  The job took 2 hours and our client was charged $160 and added a little lagniappe for our movers. 

Rain Delay

Our clients were moving into a house they had purchased from a place they were renting.  The distance was one block up the street.  MOVE IT! by bike was hired to move the BIG things from their three bedroom rental into their new place.  There was a lot to move and it took several trips. After the furniture was in the new house MOVE IT! by bike was asked to move the little things as well and so we did.  Two hours into the move the weather turned rainy.  Using the weather forecast it was decided to stop for a bit and come back in the early evening and finish the job.  Three hours and fifteen minutes  after the second start the job was done.  It took 3 movers 5 hours and 15 minutes to move it all.  Our client was billed $630 and added a very nice tip to our movers.

Bed Side Manor

Our client was helping his son and daughter in law move in.  They are both residents at a local hospital and have little time for such things as moving in and assembling furniture.  The moving in part was done but putting the IKEA bed back together was not and MOVE IT! by bike was asked to help with that.  So with the help of Dad and our tools we worked together and reassembled the bed in a little over an hour.  Total cost, $40.00

Can You Make My Bed?

MOVE IT! by bike was hired to unload a rental truck that was used to move our clients things from Nashville.  With the help of two of our movers and our clients parents she was moved in her second story apartment in an hour and a half.  She had just purchased a bed from IKEA and requested that we assemble it for her; so we did.  An hour later the bed and four drawers that slid under it were assembled.  Our client was billed $180 and added a nice tip to our movers.

Waitress Tips

She was only moving a few things a few blocks and was quoted hundreds of dollars from other movers.  So she was elated to get a quote from us for $80.00.  She only needed one trailer and so only one mover and agreed to help when needed.  Our reusable boxes were also to be used so when our mover arrived we packed her clothes and other things in our boxes.  After the boxes were loaded on the trailer, two rugs, a chair, ottoman and a book shelf were loaded on top.  At the move in location the furniture was moved in and some  furniture that was already in the room was moved out and a couch placed out on the curb.  The boxes were unpacked and items in them put away and the empty boxes loaded back on the trailer.  All this took one and a half hours and the bill was $60.00.  Our client was thrilled with the service and paid $100.00 leaving our mover a nice tip.

We backed our trailer right up to the door.  The book shelf was not yet loaded.

We backed our trailer right up to the door.  The book shelf was not yet loaded.


MOVE IT! by bike was called to move a large bathroom vanity with a marble top and built in sink from the house in back on the first floor into the main house and on up to the second floor bathroom.  Using a shoulder dolly the vanity was carried into the main house and then carefully set on one end so it could fit around the bend in the stairway.  Again the shoulder dolly was used to bring it up the steps in the French Quarter house and then carefully set down on end again so we could put on the legs.  After that, the vanity was brought into the bathroom and put in place so the plumbers could do their thing.  All done in a bit less than an hour for a total billing of $80.00.  Our client also gave a nice tip to our movers as well.

I Need To Move Right NOW!

MOVE IT! by bike had moved her in and thought of us when it was time to move out.  Trouble was she waited to ask until the day she had to move out.  But after several phone calls a moving crew was put together and in an hour after the call we arrived at the move out location.  Long story short our client was moved into her new location in 1 hour and 45 minutes at a charge of $140.


I believe in DIY (Do It Yourself) but sometimes one tries and fails.  A couch got stuck in twisting turning stairway in an attempt to remove it from an apartment.  MOVE IT! by bike was hired to get the couch unstuck and out of the apartment.  In less than an hour the couch was out and the client was charged $80.00 and added a nice tip for our movers.

Just the BIG and Heavy Things

Sometimes our clients move all they can themselves and hire MOVE IT! by bike to move the things they cannot.  This time MOVE IT! by bike was asked to move a couch, a futon chair, an office chair, a tool chest, a washer and a dryer.  Moving things out was not that difficult with only four steps leading down to the sidewalk from the front door.  The moving in location was a second story apartment in the back of the lot only accessible via a narrow bumpy and slanted brick and dirt pathway.  In the end everything was moved out and put in place in the new apartment in two and a half hours.  Our client paid $200.00 and also gave a nice tip to our movers.

Around The Corner

Our client was moving just around the corner but had some large furniture that needed to be moved into her new place.  Her old place was in the back down a long and narrow walkway and meant it would be a long haul by hand to get the furniture to our trainers.  So in two trips we had it all moved and moved in two and a half hours at a cost of $200.

Take It All

Our client was moving to spend his senior year living in a quieter nicer place a few blocks away.  MOVE IT! by bike was hired to move the big stuff, our client was moving the little stuff.  After moving all the big stuff it was decided to spend some extra time and also move the little stuff.  Seems our client was tired of caring everything and making several trips.  Getting it all done in one more trip sounded very good to our client.  So in another hour, everything was moved to the new place at a total cost of $80.00

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