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MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

There are several things you can do before MOVE IT! by bike arrives to make your move as efficient, fast and economical as possible.  Keep in mind MOVE IT! by bike will gladly do the packing for you but if you are so inclined to do it yourself, you can save some money.

General Tips

  • Get rid of everything you can ... before your move, not after!
  • Do not overload boxes.   Fill them halfway with heavy objects like books, then fill them with light objects.  More on packing boxes below.
  • Use towels and t-shirts to protect fragile items like dishes.   Compared to the use of wrapping paper, you save money and space.
  • Disassemble furnishings you assembled.  Entertainment centers, book cases, beds, dressers, modular furniture and table legs may be easily taken off or apart.  Remove furniture shelves that are not securely fastened.  Furniture made from chipboard or presswood is fragile.  It is best to disassemble such furnishings and pack the parts together wrapped in a blanket.  MOVE IT! by bike can help you or do it for you if you wish.
  • Carry on your own fragile items such as mirrors, glassware, tables, lamps and plants.
  • Empty furniture, unless their content is light and not fragile.   It is not necessary to remove the drawers, or to fix with tape, we will use moving blankets that will hold them in place..
  • Empty the stove (don't forget the drawer), refrigerator and freezer.  
  • Detach the hoses for the washer.
  • Make and keep stairways and hallways clear and safe.
  • Remove the doors that could affect the passage of larger pieces.
  • Get permission to use the freight elevator if necessary.


Pack everything that can be packed

It is most important is to pack your goods in robust boxes tightly closed.  When you prepare your boxes,  avoid common mistakes as outlined by Emily Bernier.  MOVE IT! by bike also rents reusable boxes that fit nicely on our trailer.

Mistake # 1: Boxes too heavy

Filling a BIG box with books is just asking for trouble.  Instead use several smaller boxes.  Fill 1/3 to 1/2 of a larger box with heavy items and put lighter items on top if you must use a larger box.

Mistake # 2: Boxes not solid

Used boxes are great if they are not to damaged.  Cardboard gets dented, looses material when tape and labels are removed and the corrugation can get smashed.  This contributes to weakening the box.  If the box is in very good shape then use it.  But also consider some advantages of using new boxes:  They will be strong; They will be folded flat and take up less space so as not to be in the way; If you buy them from one place they will stack better because all the different sizes (small, medium, large) will have the same dimensions.  Did we mention that MOVE IT! by bike also has reusable boxes that fit nicely on our trailer that we will deliver to you in advance of your move?

Mistake # 3: Boxes not closed


Folding flap over flap over flap over flap is not a good idea for closing a box for moving.  This is a temporary close at best and also has a tendency of bending a flap or two making the box weaker.   The best methods of closing a box is to first close the bottom by folding the shorter flaps into the box first then folding the longer flaps over them.  Usually the edges of the longer flaps meet and can be taped together.  Taping across these edges first holds the flaps in place and then the tape can be run down the seam with both ends of the tape going up the sides to seal the box.  After you pack the box, seal the top the same way.   

Mistake # 4: Boxes overfilled

If it does not fit inside the box, get a bigger box.  Smashing things down to fit into the box is a bad idea as well, for when you are finished closing the box the smashed items will spring back putting a strain on the sides and taped seams of your box, deforming it and making it more likely that the box will open during the move.  An over stuffed box does not stack well and may cause problems during transport.

Mistake # 5: Lose Objects

Not boxing things and/or leaving objects lose to move about inside the box can cause damage to the objects and cause the center of gravity of the box to shift causing trouble during transport.  Put EVERYTHING in a box with the exception of furniture.  Furniture can be protected by blankets.  Consider using towels and clothing such as t-shirts to wrap fragile items and to use as packing material.  Packing material may be reused but be wary of inheriting pests that may come along with.  Air popped popcorn has been used and then fed to the birds after doing its duty.  There are also packing peanuts that are made of starch that dissolve in water so you can put them out on the lawn and dissolve into your grass. 




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