MOVE IT! by bike

Moving The World To A Greener Future

MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

Wake Up!

David hired MOVE IT! by bike to move his furniture from the 1400 block of St. Mary Street to the 1300 block of St. Andrews Street.  Our crew arrived at 10:00AM as arranges but through out the morning we were not able to contact David.  We waited until 10:30AM and messaged David that we had to leave.  On the way back home my phone rang.  It was David apologizing for not meeting us and asking when we could reschedule.  I told hime let me see if we can do it now.  Freddy had already made other arrangements but Chris was happy to turn around and get moving.  I would replace Freddy making it a full crew.  MOVE IT! by bike moved David in 2 hours and 30 minutes and was billed $150.00.  We did not charge a late wake up fee. 

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