MOVE IT! by bike

Moving The World To A Greener Future

MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

Last Minute Move

Tiffany called looking for a mover for her friend Natalia.  Natalia's land lord had raised her rent by $500.00 and could no longer afford to live there.  She found a new place and needed her bed and bicycle moved.  Trouble was she was moving from Metairie (Almost Kenner) back into New Orleans (a distance of 11 miles) and the St. Pats Parade was blocking the shortest path.  Long story short, MOVE IT! by bike came through for Natalia.  Tim's broken collar bone prevented him from lifting anything so Natalia's friends did all that but Tim was able to pedal the bike to pull the trailer.  Tim arrived at the moving from location at 6:30PM and all was moved in at 9:15 so the whole move took 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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MOVE IT! by bike