MOVE IT! by bike

Moving The World To A Greener Future

MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

Cool Move!

Lore called MOVE IT! by bike to move a refrigerator from the 4000 block of Baudin Street to the 500 block of State Street, a 4.6 mile trip.  As usual the miles were no bother.  As usual the challenge was everything else.  It is best to keep a refrigerator upright so you do not mess up the fluids in the compressor so laying down the appliance to lower the center of gravity was not an option.  The dimensions were also slightly larger than the width of our trailer.  So we brought along a section of 3/4 plywood to place on top of the trailer's rails to support the wide load.  Moving the fridge out was no problem using our shoulder dolly.  The fridge was placed on the plywood platform just in front of the trailer's wheels and secured with tie downs.  We balanced the load with bins with our moving equipment in them placed them in the very back of the trailer.  The trip to the drop off location was smooth for the most part (New Orleans' streets ARE getting better).  Going under the expressway on Carrollton Ave was a worry but the incline down helped build momentum for the incline up and was done with less effort than imagined.  At the delivery location, the door we needed to pass the fridge through was to narrow so we took the doors of the fridge off, brought it in, and replaced the doors.  This move took two hours.

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