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MOVE IT! by bike has been serving New Orleans by moving stuff since August of 2013 using a bicycle and a trailer that can haul 600lbs.  

He's Packin'

MOVE IT! by bike was hired to move a two bedroom house's furniture into a POD.  Our clients were purchasing a house and the closing dates from old to new house were not matching up so the POD was to become both a moving and storage option.  When we arrived we were wondering how all the furniture was going to fit into that POD.  It turned out that our client used to pack cargo onto airplanes for the Air Force and showed us a trick or two and all but two tables fit in. 

Nice Day For Moving

MOVE IT! by bike was called on to move a few things from a storage space under one house to the living space of another.  So on a beautiful April day 2 movers using two trailers transported a queen sized four poster bed with mattresses, a student desk, a dresser and four chairs.  The moving distance was 0.9 miles and the whole job took one hour and a half.  Our client was billed $120.00 and added a tip for our movers.

 Larry begins to unload 4 chairs, a small desk, and dresser.

Larry begins to unload 4 chairs, a small desk, and dresser.

 Ready to unload a four post queen sized bed.

Ready to unload a four post queen sized bed.

Bed on Bourbon

Our client purchased a bed from someone who lives on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.  The previous owner informed the new owner that the bed was on the second floor and had to be hoisted up to the balcony to get it to where it was.  Our client was on a budget and could not hire more than one MOVE IT! by bike mover but would help with the move.  The seller also agreed to help move it out of her apartment so we had a team of three.  After disassembling the bed, the mattress was lowered down without the use of ropes which were brought just in case.  The box spring was also lowered as easily.  Then the head board was lowered and the rest of the bed fit down the steps.  All was loaded on the trailer and the bed was on it's way to it's new home.  After the 1.5 mile journey the bed was taken into its new home to be reassembled by it's new owner.  Our client had a love seat at another location a few blocks away but could not afford to pay for more time.  But we were already there and it would not take long, so the love seat was moved in lagniappe.  The total charge was $80.00.

 Our trailer ready for loading - not taking a parking space - not completely blocking the sidewalk.

Our trailer ready for loading - not taking a parking space - not completely blocking the sidewalk.

Big Boy Bed

He is growing.  He is growing out of his bed.  The bed his Grandfather built.  But it was time to get a big boy bed and so Mom sold his little boy bed to another boy that would slumber in it until it was time for his big boy bed.  MOVE IT! by bike was hired to haul this family heirloom from the 200 block of Glenwood drive in Metairie to the 5000 block of Prytania in New Orleans; a distance of 7 miles.  The bed was carefulyl loaded with the help of the pervious owner and his brother.  Both paused to pose for a picture before our mover left.  The journey went well without incident and the bed arrived to it's new home as the sun was setting.  With some assistance from the new owner's mother's sister the bed was brought in to be assembled later.  The entire operation took 2 hours and the client was billed $80.00.

 The loading crew

The loading crew

We-Haul From U-Haul Storage

Our client had a few items in storage and wanted them moved into her home.  The large items were a sofa, round dining table and an old cedar chest.  There were also a few smaller items.  It took two movers one hour to move it all out of storage and into place into the home.  We had quoted that it would take two hours, so our client was thrilled at being billed $80.00 instead of $160.00 and gave a nice tip to our movers.

Had To Be The Heavy

MOVE IT! by bike was called to help load a U-Haul the day before the move when our clients friend hurt his back and could not help.  We would only load the heavy bulky things.  Our crew arrived the next day at 10:00AM and started loading 2 enclosed book cases, a king sized bed, a twin bed, a day bed, a large coffee table, a sectional couch, a dresser, a wooden DVD cabinet, a butcher block table, a large clay pot and a treadmill.  The treadmill had to be disassembled to fit through the door and took four people to move into the truck.  All this took 1 hour and 45 minutes and our client was billed $140.00 and gave a nice tip to our movers.

Gone With The Wind

I set out early to get to 1461 Cotton Street in Metairie for it was a long bike ride.  Upon arrival I called our client and discovered that I had heard the address incorrectly, it was 1461 Caton Street in New Orleans.  So I quickly peddled to the correct address.  The wind was blowing hard that day but was in my favor going this direction so I sailed on over.  Our client helped load the armoire into the trailer and left to await my arrival at her home.  After securing the load I was off to the client's house.  This time the wind was against me and the going was tough and slow.  So slow in fact that the client called me to ask if everything was ok.  (No doubt worried that I had gotten the address wrong again.) Though the progress was slow the armoire arrived to the clients house and with the help of the client was brought into her house and put into place.  Between being late for both arrival and wind delayed for the delivery I allowed the client to pay what she thought was fair and paid me $60.00.  On the way home the trailer was flipped on it's side in the wind.  So I removed the banners to lower the wind resistance and made it home safe.

A Better View

Our client was moving from one apartment to another in the same building and also wanted some furniture assembled.  The floor plan for both apartments was exactly the same so our client requested that we place everything in the new apartment where it was in the old apartment.  So that is what we did.  Not only the furniture was put in the same place but so was the food in the pantry and fridge and plates and cups in the cabinets.

While the apartment was being moved Tim was assembling the furniture which included a bed, an armoire, and an entertainment center.  The moving team of two finished before the assembly job was finished and pitched in on the furniture assembly.  All was completed in 5 hours and our client was billed $400.00.


A request for furniture assembly was put out on Thumbtack so MOVE IT! by bike submitted a quote for the job.  MOVE IT! by bike was selected for the work and a time and date was agreed upon.  Two chairs and a dining table were assembled in an hour by one worker and our client was billed $30.00.  Our client was so pleased with the work that she included a tip.

Hoist Not

Our client was moving into an apartment in the French Quarter but had not really seen it before she called us to help move her in.  The land lord had told her that the apartment was accessed via a spiral staircase up to the second story balcony or through another apartment.  We may have to hoist her couch and any other items up to the balcony that would not fit through the spiral stairs. So we brought our equipment ready to lift things up to her second story balcony.  But it was discovered that there was a stairway inside the building that would accommodate all that needed to be moved in.  So in 30 minutes her things were moved in and our client billed $80.00.

Line 58

Line 58 was installing new carpeting during the Christmas Holidays and needed the furnishings cleared out so the carpet installers could lay down the new carpet.  After the installers finished we would return to move it all back.  So one day we moved everything out and stored it in an area that would not be carpeted then a few days later returned to move it all back in.  There really was not much to move and the total time it took for both days was 45 minutes and Line 58 was billed $60.00.

A Better View

Our client was moving from one unit to another within the same building in the Warehouse District.  He wanted help with the large things to move from the second floor to the fifth.  We moved a sofa, a bed, a coffee table and a few wardrobe boxes in a bit less than an hour.  The sofa was a bit of a challange but we got it where the client wanted by lifting it up and over a loft wall into the living room.  The total move cost $80.00.

Upstairs From Downstairs

An elderly couple were sorting through their things, deciding what to keep and what to not.  A keeper was an IKEA couch but wanted it upstairs instead of down.  They called MOVE IT! by bike and the time was arranged for two movers to come over and get the couch upstairs.  They made it very easy for us by disassembling it and packaging it for an easy carry up the stairs.  So in moments the job was done.  We accepted $60.00 for the job and had a great conversation talking about bicycles.

Let's Play House!

MOVE IT! by bike was called on to help with a house raising.  The house came in a box and needed to be assembled in the back yard.  No this was not a tiny house, it was a wooden playhouse.  The call was placed to us in midday so when Tim arrived it was 2:30pm and it would get dark before 5 so if we were to get it built before sundown we had to hurry.  The whole family got involved and even the kids turned screws and helped pick out the right parts.  But we did not make it and drove the last nail in at 7:00pm under the outdoor light and with help from a flashlight.  It took way longer than predicted but we had agreed to a certain price and so our client was billed what we said it would cost but the kids insisted on contributing as well and broke their piggy bank.  So for four and a half hours work we earned $78.85.

MOVE IT! by cart

The bed frame had been moved piece by piece from one building where it was purchased to another a block away in the CBD.  The mattress however was one big piece and could not be handled by one person.  This was a very heavy high quality mattress and the buyer did not want to damage it and so called on MOVE IT! by bike to deliver it to his apartment in the great condition it was.  With one of our carts the client and our mover loaded the mattress onto the cart took it down the elevator, across the street, down the sidewalk and up the elevator.  The mattress was moved to it's new bedroom and installed on the bed.  All this took much less than an hour but our client paid for an hour anyway, $40.00.

MOVE IT! by bike Makes a Stand

After opening the box and seeing all the parts and being bewildered by the directions, MOVE IT! by bike was hired to assemble a TV stand.  Arriving within minutes of being called Tim got the complicated stand together in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Our client was billed $97.50.

Fly United - We've got snacks!

MOVE IT! by bike was hired to assemble 8 rolling carts and one large cabinet for the United Terminal at Louis Armstrong Airport.  The carts are to be used for distributing snacks and beverages to passengers that get diverted to or stranded at the airport due to bad weather.  Each cart had four drawers and a door.  Each took 45 minutes to assemble once we got the first figured out.  The large cabinet was assembled and put into place and leveled.  We also assembled a rubbermaid cart that only took a few minutes to assemble.  Two workers took 10 hours to assemble it all and the airline was billed $600.00.

Cobbler Steps To New Orleans

Our client was moving from Arizona to New Orleans and wanted help unloading their rental truck and moving their belongings into their third floor apartment.  The belongings included equipment for shoe making for one of the two clients is a cobbler.  (She makes great chef shoes) When the truck was opened it was discovered that the truck was badly packed and many things shifted and fell during the trip.  Untangling the mess while making sure things did not shift more or fall on someone took more time but we got it all moved in without incident.  Climbing up to the third floor over and over while carrying heavy boxes or furniture took its toll and the crew was exhausted by the end of the job.  The whole job took a bit over 6 hours for three movers.  Our clients were billed $660.00 and added a very nice tip to our movers who worked so hard and long.

 Most everything shifted during transport in this badly packed truck.

Most everything shifted during transport in this badly packed truck.

Before The Rain

Our client was just moving across the street but the forecast did not look good, rain all day.  So it was decided to get an early start and hire two more movers to get the items over faster.  MOVE IT! by bike was responsible to move the large items while family and friends of the client lugged over the smaller items.  All the items MOVE IT! by bike was asked to move was moved in less than two hours.  We were then asked to load a refridgerator onto a pickup truck and so went to work to do just that.  One problem the valve for the ice maker from the house leaked a steady stream of water instead of shutting off.  Fortunately one of our crew members works for a plumber and turned the water off for the house so the fridge could be unhooked.  Later he replaced the leaking valve and restored the flow of water to the house.  Meanwhile a team of two MOVE IT! by bike movers rode in the pickup truck to help unload and install the fridge in it's new man cave location.  All this took a little less than 3 hours and our client was billed $380.00

Queen For A Day

A queen bed, consisting of head board, foot board, rails, mattress and box spring along with a dresser proved to big for our client to move with their car and so hired MOVE IT! by bike to move them.  This was a two person job but only to help carry the furnishings, load the trailer and unload and carry in.  The actual transport with the bike and trailer could be done by one person and so our client was the other mover saving them half the cost of the move.  The loading took some puzzling to fit it all on the trailer but it all fit and after protecting everything with furniture blankets and plastic wrap the load was on its 3.8 mile trip.  The route went over the Jefferson Davis Bridge.  It was a windy day and the wind was not blowing the direction of travel, rather the opposite.  And so on the bridge, a bit more than half way up, the rider was slowed to the point that it was necessary to get off and push up the rest of the way.  The photo is of the load at the peak of the bridge.  The rest of the trip was better but the wind was still a challenge.  In the end all of the furniture was unloaded and taken in to the new place.  The bed assembled and the mattresses put into place all in less than three hours.

 At the peak of the Jefferson Davis Bridge

At the peak of the Jefferson Davis Bridge

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